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Under Federal regulations your ATM card and debit card transactions will be declined if sufficient funds are not available in your account. You can avoid this inconvenience by "opting in" to having these transactions paid into the overdraft under the Advantage Overdraft program.

Click here for a description of our overdraft practices and the options available to you. If you want Prosperity Bank to pay overdrafts on ATM card and debit card transactions under Advantage Overdraft, please complete the secure form below. Please note that the option to have ATM card and debit card transactions paid into the overdraft is not available on accounts with overdraft prevention plans such as an automatic transfer from another account or an overdraft line of credit.

You may also use the form below to opt out of having ATM card and debit card transactions paid into the overdraft.

If you have any questions, call or come by one of our banking centers and a friendly, knowledgeable associate will be happy to help you.

Useful information for completing the form:

  • Enter the account number exactly as it appears on your Prosperity Bank statement.
  • You may opt in or out for up to five accounts on this form. Please complete an additional form to opt in or out on any remaining accounts.
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