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FAQ: eStatements

View your Prosperity Bank statements conveniently and securely anytime.

What is an eStatement?
An eStatement is an electronic account statement delivery system that many customers prefer over traditional paper statements. You’ll find eStatements are a quicker, more convenient and greener way of staying on top of your banking.
Once signed up, you’ll receive email notifications letting you know that your statement is available for viewing through Online Banking. With eStatements, you also have the flexibility to download your statements or to print them.

How do I enroll in Prosperity Bank’s eStatement?
Log in to Online Banking, then click eDelivery under the Accounts tab. 

When do I receive my eStatements?
You’ll receive notifications on the first business day following your statement cycle period.

Does an eStatement have the same information as my paper statement?
Yes. eStatements include your monthly account history, just like your current paper statement, but with the added convenience of electronic delivery.

Do I receive check images with my eStatement?
Yes. Your check images can be included with your eStatement depending on the type of account you have with us. If you’re not receiving your images and would like to, please contact your local banking center for assistance.

Can I still receive my paper statement?
No. When you enroll for eStatements, you are choosing to stop the delivery of paper statements.

What if I have difficulty viewing my eStatement?
You must have Adobe Acrobat to view the eStatements. A link has been provided on the statement page to download the program if it’s not already installed.
Look for the "Download Printable Document (Must have Adobe Acrobat to view)" at the top of the eStatement page.
Please contact your local banking center should you have any issues viewing your eStatements.

Can I save my eStatements for archival or future reference?
Yes. You can save copies of your eStatements by downloading them to your computer or network. eStatements remain accessible to you through Online Banking for up to two years.

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